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Familiar learning tools, but completely of this time.

Noord-Nederlandse Stempel en Leermiddelenfabriek (NNSL).
| 6 February 2018
Familiar learning tools, but completely of this time.
Familiar learning tools, but completely of this time.

Math and language, children learn these subjects nowadays with their tablets isn’t it? Well, no! Have a look in almost every kindergarten room in the Netherlands. There are letter stamps, math cubes and so on. And where are these materials largely produced? In Groningen, at NNSL.

NNSL  produces  learning tools for over 70 years now. Each week 2000 wooden boxes  leave the factory.  With stamps or other  teaching aids and even custom made items. ,,I didn’t expected that half a year ago”, says managing director Wilfred Sijbolts. Three and a half month ago he started as managing director at the factory. “Our items are used in the Netherlands much more than I ever assumed, but are also distributed world wide “.Germany, France, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, United States,  the products of the top of Holland are found everywhere.  So no, the  iPad didn’t took over the role of those nice, durable wooden products at all. More over is cooperated with the technology. “last year we produced stamps with chips, place them on your tablet and your device will tell you if you used the right letter and how the letter is pronounced”, says Bouwienke Woltjer.

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