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Familiar learning tools, but completely of this time.

| 6 February 2018
Math and language, children learn these subjects nowadays with their tablets isn’t it? Well, no! Have a look in almost every kindergarten room in the Netherlands. There are letter stamps, math cubes and so on. And where are these materials largely produced? In Groningen, at NNSL. Read more

Proven successful product

| 16 October 2017
“We highly appreciate to have a supplier who is able to make material specially responding to our special needs. We imagine and draw the item, according to our pedagogy, NNSL makes it specially for us.” Read more

Nienhuis Montessori Bootjack

| 16 October 2017
Bootjack is one of Nienhuis Montessori's newest products and NNSL has produced this product! This stable Bootjack helps children to take off their boots and shoes easily themselves. Read more